I’m a wife of over 24 years, a mom and step mom. I love to cook; homemade soups and developing my own cookies are what I do best. My love of gardening and outdoor spaces came on slowly, and grew into a favorite pastime for me. After discovering how helpful Youtube could be, I immersed myself in how-to gardening videos and books on the subject. I even entered my neighborhood's annual patio contest and placed. The feeling of accomplishment through utter determination on something I knew nothing about took me by complete surprise and my journey to becoming an adept gardener began. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and daylilies. 

This is also the same route I took when I began writing Christian books. It all began slowly, with me writing about the happenings in my life and/or what I witnessed. I enjoyed detailing and describing the surroundings of my characters, so my readers would feel as if they're part of my poem or short story. Not long thereafter, I began developing and writing about two adolescent best friends. I knew right away that I wanted the races to be different, and for the reader to experience the characters as they begin building a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Frankie & Abby books have brought me so much joy and have afforded me the opportunity to share their story in churches, schools, community centers, etc. Currently, I attend Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, and my spiritual leader is Pastor Wayne Moore. 

Finding Faith: 

Author Jannean Hedgespeth shares her Christian books

Jannean visits the Finding Faith with Randy Ollis Show

Check out Jannean's interview on the Finding Faith with Randy Ollis Show.  Jannean Hedgespeth is an author of Christian children’s books and adult Christian fiction books. She joined us today along with her husband Lamont Hedgespeth for a “Finding Faith with Randy Ollis” segment that posted on Feb 24, 2023 / 12:51 PM EST / Updated: Feb 24, 2023 / 12:52 PM EST by Meghan Stratton. Jannean shares her books and how she got started writing for Christ.


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